"I  increased my sales 200% using this program.  Buy this program, use it and you are on your way to becoming successful.”

Dj. Ng, Pittsburgh, PA


"Achieve-IT! benefits users by allowing them to plan out achievable milestones in the goal fulfillment process…. Goals have a tendency not to get fulfilled for one important reason--usually no specific steps have been laid out to help achieve the goal.

Achieve-IT! also helps those whose goals tend to be diverse and plentiful, by helping users organize all of their goal progress as well as keep them in one manageable place. The fact that Achieve-IT! helps users set dates and deadlines then helps them export them to Pocket Informant (Pocket Outlook), helps them complete each step of the process by giving a reminding on the specific date to complete the necessary step of the goal. Achieve-IT! really helps users accomplish more goals simultaneously, since it automatically incorporates the required steps into the daily schedule with the press of a button."

Harley R
Elizabethton, TN
"First off, let me tell you that I can't imagine being without Achieve-It on my handheld. Truly, since I've been using it, life rocks more than ever!!! It's an awesome thing to be directed toward a goal at all times. Thank you so much for developing this incredible tool, it knocks everything else out of the park."

Owen Leahy
Martinez, CA

"You Too, Can Clear the Stress of Money Worries, Wipe Out Debt and Free Your Time for Inner Peace..."

I used the "Motivate Me" feature of Achieve-It! to pay off all my credit cards and debt 2 years earlier than I expected to... So for me, Achieve-IT! is worth about $4,000 in saved interest payments!

Robert Dean, Greensboro, NC

"Just a quick word to say a massive thank you! I have used Single step, goal pro & sculptor prior to using Achieve-IT! & found all the others lacked that simplicity & completeness that you have..."

Christopher Oldale, The U.K.

Stop Struggling With Goals The Hard Way! Let Your Computer Do It For You...

"Experts Reveal 97% Of People Who Set Goals Fail To Achieve Them...

...what do the other 3% do to
guarantee their success?"

The Goal Setting Software that Out-Motivates
The Motivational Speaker!

From Brad Isaac

Dear Fellow Goal Setter,

What's your idea of success?

For some it's a Ferrari parked in the driveway.  For some it is a 2 story brick house overlooking the city.  Still others, it's a 40 foot yacht zipping through the ocean on a bright sunny day.

These are only a small fraction of the things you can do with success.  And in a few minutes, you'll discover the master key to getting all of them if you want.  But first...

Lets dig a little deeper.

When you say you want a hot car, a luxury yacht or a dream house in the nice part of town, what are you really asking for?  After all, what good is a new house if you are spending all of your time at work, slaving to pay for it? 

What good is a yacht docked at the beach if it just sits until you scrape together only enough free time to sail over a long weekend?  When do you get to enjoy the thrill of the ride?  When will you undock for a 2 week adventure to the Caribbean where you and your family and friends can soak up the sun, the sky and beaches? 

The point I am making is although it seems like people want these luxuries, they are really longing for something else... Freedom.

We all want for freedom from worry, freedom from debt, freedom from constraints of a micromanaging boss.   At the same time we want freedom to live, freedom to relax and freedom to explore - in a hot sports car if we want.

Unconsciously, people try to reach this state of freedom by getting specific things using goal setting.

You may have tried to obtain your dream house through goal setting. You may have tried landing the $100,000 a year job by setting New Years resolution. However, reaching the goal wasn't so easy.

Fact: Goal setting is not taught in elementary school, high school or college. 

To discover their own unique goal formula that gets them what they want every time, people have to make a huge investment.  They spend a small fortune on books, courses and CDs.  They burn their vacation time going to goal setting seminars.

Or worse, they get one of the over-hyped and under delivered motivational quick fixes that promise goal setting bliss.  No wonder it's so tough to get the formula right.

Wouldn't it be great if you could "leap frog" over the years of research to where you could unlock your own unique blueprint? Think about what you could accomplish if your biggest dreams were easy, fun and (almost) effortless to achieve.

Although there is no "effortless" way to success, we can come close...darn close! And in a minute, you will discover how.

"Outstanding!  This a fantastic app! A real "life changer"! A must for anyone who has used Franklin-Covey based planning.  It's easy to use and integrates well with both the task and calendar functions. They would have been better off charging on a per "success" basis!"

Mo from Atlanta, GA

The simple reason why most people throw up their hands and surrender to defeat is simple.  Each person is different.  Each goal is different.  So - drum roll please - each plan must be different!  You need a customized plan tailored just for you to get from point A to point B in the most natural and efficient way. 

But Getting A Goal Plan Tailored Just for You
Is The Hard Part...

It could take you many years of study, trial and error and a small fortune to compile your winning formula tailored to your unique needs.  

Goal coaches charge over $100 an hour plus expenses. Goal setting seminars can range from $500 to $10,000.   Books can be less expensive, but which ones do you buy? And how many will you have to read before you stumble on the right combination and it all clicks into place?  It could take years!

Instead of investing your leisure time and hard earned money into a system that may or may not work, you can now build a plan that is dead-on tailored for you in minutes instead of years.

"Achieve-IT! Goal Setting Software"

After only 15 minutes of entering your goals into a simple computer program - as simple to use as a your email - the software will automatically generate a unique goal blueprint just for you.

Finally! A quick and 'mentored' way to reach your goals
Spending big bucks or years of study is a thing of the past!

Virtually anything you desire can be obtained through goal setting - a new car, your dream house, a fast ski boat - you name it.  As long as the plan is built to accommodate your specific strengths and weaknesses.  Double your money, lose weight, quit a bad habit like smoking.  It’s simply a matter of applying the right actions at the right time – and jumping over the pitfalls that prevent progress.

Let's say you want to lose 25 pounds...easy!  Just click on the brainstorm button in the software.  A helpful wizard will guide you through setting your goal.  Then, tailor it to your needs by going from left to right, visiting each of the 5 powerful modules.  Presto! A plan that will work for you and you only.

Watch Video #1 of Achieve-IT! in Action!

See why so many other goal setting systems fail?  They never take the unique person into consideration.

"Great Program and Incredible Support With all of the major changes in my life in the last couple of years I had no plan to reach my goals anymore. Achieve-It really helped me to regain my focus and direction. When I purchased a new PDA and needed support I got it the same day! A Sunday!! That is incredible support for an indispensable program." 

--Russ Gardner from Springfield, Mo

Maybe you've been smoking for 10 years or more and now it's time to kick the habit.  Simple!  After entering your goal to stop smoking, click on the Refine button.  The Refine module is like the psychologist behind your goal plan.  Here, you'll build psychological pressure against the bad habit.

The refine module builds a "carrot and stick" pressure to stop smoking.  You'll leverage logical and emotional reasons to stop smoking after a minute or two in this module.

"Brad, Thanks for your reply, thanks for your support, great program, any others in the pipeline? Achieve-it has helped me to stop smoking after 15 years..

Kevin Boller from The UK

Unleash A Drill Sergeant
To Kill Procrastination

Are you a procrastinator?  Achieve-IT! software eats procrastinators for lunch!

One of the most motivating people is a military drill sergeant.  Why?  Because they are always there, even if you don't want them to be - poking, prodding, keeping the soldier at their very best.

Think for a second about a motivational book or seminar.  You feel pumped up and motivated for a week or so and then what?  The feeling starts to fade.  You lose your motivation.  You stop taking action.

But imagine you had a motivational speaker who was also a personal drill sergeant?  Not only would they pump you up on the first day, they'd keep you on your toes, they'd push and persuade you, they'd nag you to stay on track.

Failure is not an option!

You'd get unexpected visits, where he'd barge in and tell you to drop whatever you're doing and get to work on your goal.  You'd get a special 'drill' one day that made you take a new action. 

The next day he'd bust in at a different time with a different "order."   This time he'd command you to strategize your objective in a new way.  When would he stop?  Only when the objective was complete - soldier!

Suck the Life Out of Procrastination
With One Mouse Click!

If the idea of your own personal drill sergeant excites you.  Then make sure you are sitting down when you read this.

Achieve-IT! software has a goal setting feature that is so unique, so revolutionary, it's been called your own "personal drill sergeant."

The way that works is once you've set a goal and set a date for its accomplishment, you can press the "motivate me" button.  An instantaneous connection is established between Achieve-IT! and your Microsoft Outlook calendar. 

Through 20 years of study into human motivation, we've combined the motivational secrets of Dr. BF Skinner, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and others into a single mouse click.  The Motivate Me" feature "blasts away" procrastination by implementing 3 psychological pressure points:

  • Intermittent reinforcement of your goals

  • More focused thought on your goals

  • Both left and right brain thinking about your goal

Picture the Motivate Me feature this way.  You are sitting and eating your lunch when unexpectedly, an alarm on your desktop or Pocket PC sounds.  You might think you forgot a meeting, so you look.   As you read the motivational message that was generated today is specifically tailored to your top goal, you get a burst of inspiration right there on the spot.

You decide you are going to turn this hour into a "working lunch" where you can make progress on your goal.

How Achieve-IT! Software Out-Motivates
The Motivational Speaker

Compare how Achieve-IT! software motivates with how a motivational speaker motivates and what you'll find is jaw dropping.  A motivational speaker builds a strong excitement and drive on the front end which declines as time passes.  Achieve-IT! starts at a lower motivation level and builds it over time!

In other words, after leaving a seminar on motivation, you might be 100% pumped up - ready to change the world.  Yet statistics tell us, over the period of a week or even days, possibly hours this motivation will decrease. 

Achieve-IT! starts where you are motivation-wise and builds up from there.  And then doesn't stop.  It never lets up until your goal is complete.

So for the people who feel lazy or unmotivated, keep this in mind.  The mind is stimulated to action by ideas, thoughts and actions.  The choice boils down to a 100% shot of motivation in one day that's gone in a week or a steady dose of motivation for weeks, months or however long your goal takes.

Ready to get started?  Click Here

Now, No Matter What Goal
You Want To Reach -
You’ll Have A Custom Plan And
The Fire Of Motivation To Achieve It...

I'd like to quickly share the secret to getting what you want in the most efficient way.  Many motivational speakers and goal setting experts consider it the Master Key To Goal Success...

The richest and arguably the wisest man who ever lived explained the ultimate power that comes from seeking counsel.  King Solomon said "Without counsel, people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety" (Proverbs 11:14)

What this means in terms of goal setting and achievement is that going it alone is not only inefficient, it leads to failure.  How does a counselor prevent you from failing?

In a simple sense, counselors see the situation from another perspective.  They can give insight that may not be immediately apparent.  Have you ever had a problem you couldn't solve because you felt like you were "too close" to the problem to see the answer?  A counselor keeps just enough distance to provide the answers you need.

$1 Billion Through the Power of Counsel

Stephen K. Scott tells a story of how he invested millions of dollars to make a commercial selling a piece of exercise equipment called the Total Gym.  The commercial tanked and it looked as though he had thrown away all the money on nothing.  Not sure what to do, he took Solomon's advice and sought counsel...

Scott's "counselor" looked at the commercial, made "two seemingly insignificant changes", and now his Total Gym product's sales are reaching 1 billion dollars!

"Goal setting is a tool that works. But those who practice this art of accomplishment realize that the most desirable goal, the destination, is impossible without the details of the journey.”

- Paul Adams, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration at Ramapo College of New Jersey

In the case of a goal coach (counselor), she guides you in the creation of a custom goal plan that factors in all of your background and personality.  She gives you new ways of looking at your goals.  She motivates you by calling and nagging you to get busy - to get your goal done!

Just think about what you could do with this type of leverage - you'd be unstoppable!

You Too, Can Use The Power Of Counsel
Without Breaking the Bank

I can almost hear you thinking.  "Getting counsel sounds simple enough, who do I call?  Can I just ask a family member or friend?"

Fact is, if you don't find the right type of counsel, your goal is destined to fail.  Family members and others who love you don't make good counselors because they don't want to hurt your feelings.

Your boss or coworker might be smart, but office politics might get in the way of them helping you.

You might be able to thumb through the phone book and find an expert, but then, what do they charge?  And if you do find one, do they guarantee their results?

However, when you start using Achieve-IT! goal software you'll start to see the power of counsel the same day.  It will open your eyes to new ways to look at your goal you never dreamed of.  Combine that with the power of your personal drill sergeant and your success will be foolproof!

Which Of These Goals Are You Wanting to Achieve,  
If You Could Only Find Your Unique Formula?

  Increase personal income, build wealth.

  Lose weight, get into shape, build muscle.

   Stop a bad habit such as smoking, drinking or biting nails.

   Get out of debt, pay off car and home mortgage.

Achieve-it! Lives up to its name delivering a very integrated tool that will leave you free to accomplish the important and weeding out the unimportant... Need a goal on your calendar or in your tasks? No problem with Achieve-it! just click the set date button and you are set with your goals easily imported to your calendar or tasks. Re prioritize at anytime and reorder according to your needs the interface is flexible and fun. Go for it! What are you waiting for? Take hold of your dreams and take control of your life with Achieve-it! 

Nancy Jact from Connecticut

  Travel to exotic locations, vacation in Hawaii, visit Australia

  Afford luxury items like a new car, boat or RV

  Learn a new skill such as writing, playing piano or guitar

With Achieve-IT! Goal Software, you can set your sights on all of these and get a personalized plan that takes you there.  Plus,  as you use Achieve-IT!, you will be mastering a winning goal setting method - automatically.  This skill will serve you the rest of your life. 

"But My Goals Are Personal
I Don't Want My Boss and Co-workers Snooping..."

Privacy is a huge issue these days.  Someone wouldn't want their boss seeing they had a goal set to get another job.  Someone else wouldn't want their co-workers finding out you are gunning for the big promotion.

That's why we built Achieve-IT! takes your privacy very seriously.  The the code and database of Achieve-IT! is encrypted at industry standard 128 bit encryption algorithm. Scientists estimate it would take significantly longer than the age of the universe to crack 128-bit encryption. But keep this in mind Achieve-IT! software is not only encrypted, it is obfuscated too.  This means, if someone were to actually break the encryption on the software, they would still have to get by 5,225 lines of scrambled code.

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Software?

Think for a moment about the amount you'd spend learning the skill of goal setting so that it was completely tailored to your unique needs.  The going rate for the average 6 CD audio course alone is $80.00 - Only one!   But no telling how many you'll need to buy after that.  

I personally charge a minimum of $175 per hour for my one-on-one goal coaching.  Depending on your particular situation it might take an hour, it might take more...  So at the very least, you are getting an almost $200 piece of software that will pay for itself over and over again.

It might take years of searching and trial and error.  You could easily spend $7,000 to $10,000 buying books and attending goal setting seminars, reading reports and buying audio programs before your system clicks into place.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount.  I won't even charge what I make on 1 hour of consulting.  Instead, your total investment for Achieve-IT! goal setting software is only $99.97.  The years you'll save by doing goal setting right the first time will pay you back 1000 times over.  No more searching, just dial the keys into the lock and unlock it right here.

Why am I "giving away" this software?  Is there some catch?

Actually, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Achieve-IT! is set to be a $169 product, it's the only goal setting software on the market that syncs with both Outlook and Your Pocket PC & Windows Mobile device.  However, I am building a new installer for the whole package - it's a time consuming process..

My loss is your gain because you can save $69 by placing your order today by midnight.   Remember, I can only guarantee you'll get it for $99.97 if you order today.  Tonight, maybe tomorrow you'll return and the price will be $169.00. 

Frankly we're swamped with orders at this price.

3 Great Bonuses Will Be Thrown In For Ordering By Midnight Tonight

Bonus #1: TaskBlaze Pro Software:  Killer Task Management software that Microsoft engineers wish they'd thought of first.

A complimentary copy of TaskBlaze Pro software.  It's the professional version of my popular task manager that will optimize your time for more goal success.  You can read more about TaskBlaze Pro on it's own website by visiting www.taskblaze.com. 

Lifehacker Download of the Day: TaskBlaze time tracker
There’s been a lot of talk about budgeting your money on Lifehacker in the past few days, and time is money - so how about budgeting your time? This is a great way for those of us chained to the computer all day long to take an honest inventory of what we're really spending our time doing. -- Lifehacker.com

It is simply the fastest way to automatically track time with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar!  You don't even have to launch Outlook.

I love this utility. Now, when I'm traveling or working remotely, I can easily see when I did what, with very little effort on my part.

--Alana Post

One button starts the timer, the same button stops it - Abracadabra! Your task, time worked and category are instantly converted to a calendar entry. You'll have a complete and accurate picture of your day!

New!  Now works with Google Calendar! (Value: $29.97)

Bonus #2: Special Report: Kick it In Gear by Igniting the Fire of Motivation! (A Whopping 30 pages!)

To increase the value of your investment,  I will even throw in a copy of my report Lighting Your Personal Fire.  This report will inspire you to reach new heights of motivation in your life. 

In it I discuss:

  • How to get inspired to reach your goals today!
  • The Magic Word to Goal Success
  • A simple trick that increases your success rate up to 82%
  • How to put your success on the fast track with this idea generator
  • How to Disable Your Distractions
  • How to Lose Lots of Weight Using Post-IT Notes
  • How to Explode Your Productivity with Secret Triggers

This report is going to be available as part of a bigger product to be sold on its own website for $99.  But when you order Achieve-IT!, you'll get it free (30 pages).

Bonus #3: Audio Recording:  How to Build An Unshakable Charisma - Learn to talk to Anyone Anywhere and develop power with people

This recording was originally made in 1994, reviewers called it "a modern day How to Win Friends and Influence People."  From the book of the same name by Dale Carnegie.

In it  you will discover:

  • How to develop the energy of charisma
  • How to work a room
  • How to develop charisma with people in a one-on-one situation
  • How to develop charisma with people in a crowd
  • How to avoid the traps of laziness, deceit and manipulation that some charismatic people fall into
  • And much much more...

Reaching your goals almost always depends on other people.  If you want a raise, negotiate a new car, save money when buying a new house... Picture what charisma would do for you.

Charisma is the energy of personal power.  It can be turned on and off.  When you turn it on, people are naturally drawn to you. (Value $29.97)

Bonus #4: Free updates and support for 1 full year!

When you order today, we'll extend the normal 6 month upgrade and support plan to 1 full year.  You'll be automatically enrolled in the software update plan where you will get 1 full year of updates to Achieve-IT! including major builds.  This even includes major paid for upgrades if they occur during the next year.

Additionally, you'll be able to contact us at any time for any support issues you might have.  Achieve-IT! goes through intense testing to make sure it will work on all computers, but if you do have an issue, we'll be there to solve it (value $37)

Let's recap:  With these 4 bonuses and Achieve-IT! goal setting software, you have everything you need to set your goals and reach them in record time. 

The 4 bonuses alone are worth more than double your investment in Achieve-IT! goal setting software -- but they're all yours absolutely free when you order by midnight.  And don't forget, due to a paperwork delay you get an automatic $69 off the price of Achieve-IT!  My hands are tied.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

Your success in using this powerful, motivating goal setting software is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Money-Back-and-then-some guarantee:

Here is Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Use Achieve-IT! for a full 60 days as much as you want.

See how it will help you break bad habits, get motivated and confidently reach your goals in the fastest way possible.

We guarantee with Achieve-IT! goal setting software you can:

  • Build personal wealth

  • Lose weight

  • Stop smoking

  • Erase debt

  • and much more!

If you don't get the results  promised or for ANY OTHER REASON, you just want your money back... tell us and we'll refund your investment in full with no questions asked.

Is that fair or what?

That means you can try out Achieve-IT! goal software and see if it works for you or not. And if it doesn't do exactly what I say, I want you to ask for your money back. And I’ll let you keep the free bonus gifts (minus the software upgrade plan) as my way of thanking you for giving Achieve-IT! goal software a try.

As you can see, I am the one who stands to lose on this deal if Achieve-IT! doesn't deliver as promised.  If you don't see your motivation increasing each day and your success at accomplishing goals rising as a result, then it's time to let me know about it.

You should know since Achieve-IT! was first released in 2003, I remember maybe 5 people returning it. Each person got their money back within one day.  One person came back and bought it again 1 year later.

Look at it this way -- $99.97 is really not that big a deal compared to the time and money you'd waste wading through all the different products you'd have to.  That’s why...

The Quickest and Most Painless Way To
Reach Your Goals Is Through Achieve-IT! Goal Software!

It's easy to download your copy of Achieve-IT! and get started right away.  Just click here and you'll be taken immediately to the download page that gives you the installer for Achieve-IT! software and all of the bonuses.  You simply type in what you want and Achieve-IT! will build a customized plan just for you, right there on your own computer.   Once you have your master plan, hit the Motivate Me button and unleash the drill sergeant and get that kick in the seat of the pants.  It couldn't be easier or faster.

Buckle your seat belt and get ready to get all out of life that you really want.  Once you have your plan, the rest is simple with this powerful software.  Why not invest the few minutes it takes to get on the right track so you can save thousands of dollars in hits and misses?  Order Now! 


Brad Isaac

P.S.    You will get "dual use" licensing of both Achieve-IT! and TaskBlaze Pro. You can install your copies on two computers. You can run one copy at work and one at home. So you always have your goals and task manager handy.

P.P.S.  You won't again suffer through the questions and hassle of figuring out how to get a goal plan that works for you. You won't need to hire a goal coach or pay big bucks for books, CDs, courses or motivational speakers. Achieve-IT! is your motivational drill sergeant, keeping you on track all the way to the finish line!

(Download Achieve-IT! and all of your bonuses!)
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System requirements Windows 2000/XP and Microsoft Outlook


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